Let the Music Live Inside You

Hello and thank you for visiting our web site, NuDirections is an independent UK-based podcaster dedicated to a worldwide audience of open-minded music lovers, focusing on music that is often overlooked by mainstream music channels that the world needs to hear.

NuDirections releases a monthly music show on the first Friday of the month, that is an overview of the music we love, and by putting out weekly podcasts, mixes and the occasional guest mix, we can focus on specific areas of music in-depth, all NuDirections music is usually released every Friday.

NuDirections brings together music from many different cultural, ethnic and diverse styles, Music that's both uncompromising and bold. NuDirections music content can only be described by the generic name, Jazz. Every show is a journey linking new, favourites, standards, experimental, vintage, obscure and sometimes challenging music. Always searching for the extreme and hard-to-categorize sound, that has often fallen between the cracks.

NuDirections started broadcasting on a community radio station in early 2020, and the response was so overwhelming that NuDirections moved to become an independent podcaster in January 2021.

NuDirections shows, podcasts and mixes are on 17 podcast platforms, with an online regular audience of 4000+ in 41 countries worldwide.

Please enjoy the music we love.