Let the Music Live Inside You

Great News, NuDirections radio show hosted and produced by My Cousin Ray, has now moved to Vandelay Radio, ( https://vandelayradio.com/ ) an independent internet all music radio station, with DJ's hosting non-mainstream music from around the world.

NuDirections is broadcast on Vandelay Radio Sunday nights 9 pm to 12 midnight (UK time) every fourth week starting Sunday 15th November (next show Sunday 10th January 2021), all Shows and non-radio mix podcasts are released every week in time for your weekends.

NuDirections brings together music from many different cultural, ethnic and diverse styles, Music that's both uncompromising and bold. NuDirections music content can only be described by the generic name, Jazz. Every show is a journey linking new, favourites, standards, experimental, vintage, obscure and sometimes challenging music.

Ray has been an avid music collector from the mid-'60s, Also a former DJ, Promoter, club owner and live music venue owner. No real Musical Styles as such, but a massive soft spot for Jazz, always searching for the extreme and hard-to-categorize sound, that has often fallen between the cracks.

NuDirections started broadcasting on community radio (RTM FM) early 2020, and the response has been just overwhelming.
We now have a regular monthly, Sunday nite 3 hour slot, 9 pm to midnight with Vandelay.
NuDirections show is on 17 podcast platforms with our many mix podcasts, where we can explore different genre's of music in more depth than our shows can. NuDirections has over 3500 regular listeners in 37 countries worldwide.

Enjoy the music.